TThis blog blossomed out of the love for travel that my sister and I have cultivated over the years– sometimes separately, and sometimes together. Where did our silly blog name come from, you ask? On our trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, my sister noticed that I threw away my ratty underwear in the trash. I told her that when I travel, I like to bring underwear that I no longer care for, so that when I get to where I’m going, I can just discard them. The benefit is two fold–I get rid of my stank granny panties, and I also have more room in my luggage to bring home treats and souvenirs (you’d be surprised at how much space cotton granny underwear takes up). Enthused and amused, she proclaimed that she too would throw away her undies in the garbage as well. Our brother, perhaps feeling a little left out, later added to the collection of unmentionables in the can. (Our dear Brother Briefs will be our guest blogger on occasion.) It is our hope that we will be able to travel to so many places, that we will run out of reject underwear to pack and trash. Will our dream become a reality? Join us on our adventures. Simply put, we are a Sisterhood. We are Travelers. And we wear Panties. …that we later dispose of during our travels… 

Disclaimer: We do not and we will not wear each other’s or anyone else’s underwear, dirty or not, and we do not suggest or recommend that you trade, borrow, and/or wear underwear other than that of your own. In fact we absolutely discourage any sharing of undergarments. We are not responsible for any sickness, ailments, rashes, and/or diseases that you contract as a result of coming into contact with someone else’s underwear.

IMG_1635Hanoi, Vietnam–January 2015

11 comments on “About

  1. Stopped by because you stopped in for a visit, and because of your awesome blog title. Following on the title alone. Suspecting, from this page, it will be a pleasure riding along.


  2. At first I just giggled at the disclaimer ending your About section, then sighed & thought it might be a wise precaution at that. Ah, well. Here’s another idea for end-of-trip discards: find the local thrift shop & donate any items (excluding underwear!) that are still wearable, but no loner of interest/use to you.You potentially help others — & it’s nice to feel you’re doing a little pay-back to a location you have enjoyed — and at the same time you lighten your own load & have more room for things acquired while travelling.


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